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Annie Rose

Thanks for the fun challenge, as always! :)

Annie Rose


Lovely DT cards thanks for the challenge


Hi Ladies. I'm pretty new to all this and I actually posted the worng information on No.28. The correct URL was posted on No. 30. I'd appreciate if you could delete NO.28 so it doesnt hinder anyone from actually winning :)

THX :)


Tracy Clemente

Thanks for letting us know Katia. I have deleted No. 28.


Thanks for reminding people that it needs to be an image bought at All That Scraps. :) I think there is a few people who like to advertise their work or their own product/stores by entering other stores challenges therefor getting the "views" of their product. I personally think this is a bad business practice and rude of people to do. It's not a language issue because if you go to their blogs they can clearly speak good enough English to be in multiple challenge. It seems to mostly be on your "anything goes" challenges. I would suggest deleting them before the end of the time as I know I for one, as a customer of All That Scraps, am not interesting in being tricked into looking at other peoples work/sites when I go to look at other peoples creations, I take the time to go see how All That Scraps products are used and give love to the people who are creating wonderful things with them. Hopefully you can curb this from happening in the future with a simple "delete" :)
Thanks for all the challenges, I do and many of my friends do, look forward to them every second week!

Jenn Borjeson

Love the new look of the blog, and everyone's artwork is amazing. :) Thanks for another fun challenge!


Lovely DT cards thanks for the challenge........

i am so happy that i have win......i have send you the mail......thank you very much....


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