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January 19, 2011


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Thank you for this beautiful challenge. I love tha Magnolia's stamps. Your card is gorgeous.


What a lovely card Pam ;o)

Hugs, Janneke

aussie loz

oh gosh, I love the red, white and kraft! What a stuning card with all those images! I'm not sure I have any tips... rather a question for a tip! Other than poking out each one, or using sticky-tape - how do you get all those little extra circles out of the Doo Hickey dies???

Christine aka blankiefinder

Inlinkz here hates me, I don't know why! Hopefully my two entries show in the list, because I can never see my entries. I'm showing 39 entries, with Lisa as the 39th.

Pam, I used your red and kraft as inspiration for my card today, I hope you don't mind :)

Christine aka blankiefinder

My tip is that if you are palette blending and the cap or base of the nib area of your darker colour is inky, you can use that as your palette instead of a piece of acetate. In my second entry, I've used my colourless blender and my E41 and E42 as my palettes to get a vintage tone and now both of them are nicely cleaned up inside the cap!

Christine aka blankiefinder

Oh, and my thanks to Pam for letting me know that my entries show for her, even though they don't show for me!

Tori H.

I like looking through magazines (Southern Living, etc) for color inspiration. Makes the coloring process so much easier to be inspired by certain colors!

Liz Marsden

Gorgeous cards girls, my tip is as I've put on my blog that to do some twirl stems on your flowers, use the cut off stems from some bought roses and twirl them round your pokey tool, waste not want not lol, hugs Liz xx

Chris Christensen

Your card is so lovely, Pam. I love the colors! Great challenge, too!


Hi, Pam. Your Tilda is gorgeous and all creations are fab! A tip I can suggest is to use a paper bag to create a giftbag, just cutting the top and adding ribbon handles as I did for my project. Hugs, Miria

Jenn Borjeson

Everyone did such a nice job, the cards are all gorgeous! :)


What a beautiful card! This is really awesome! Who create that card? Almost all of the cards in the collection is fantastic. Thanks for sharing this I really like it. Thank you so much!

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Gorgeous cards girls,i like your blog this is really nice my tip is as I've put on my blog that to do some twirl stems on your flowers, use the cut off stems from some bought roses and twirl them round your poke tool, waste not want not lol,thanks for sharing this great article.....


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