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November 17, 2010


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Pam Sparks

I'll start the tips this month! I've always heard if you're going to paint a dark color on the walls in a room, you should use a dark primer first... like gray under red. So... I colored W3 under all my red areas on this Santa, the roofs and even the hearts before I colored the red! I like it! I suppose there is a good reason for it but I can't explain it but I do think it's richer IRL anyway...not sure I'll get red to EVER look the same in my photos as it does IRL! I'm sure I'll be coloring more red in the next few weeks! Wonder if we'll all need red refills and there will be a shortage b/4 Valentines Day! HOHOHO

Christine aka blankiefinder

Love the tip, Pam! I should have tried that with mine! Your card is gorgeous!!

My tip would be to not worry if you don't get full coverage on the inside of solid black areas when stamping (like on my holly leaves). You can always go in with your grey copics and touch it up. Start a few shades lighter than you expect though. To touch up my black Memento, I used my C3 copic, and it was just the right shade. Any darker and I would have been in trouble :)

Robin (scrappintlc)

Who is the manu of the brick wall that you used in the card? The card is adorable.

Sandra ltb

WOW! this is wonderful!
Love it!


Hi, Pam. Gorgeous card,I love the images and the shape. I'm a follower now. I'll try to join the challenge. Hugs. Miria

Jane Hollon

I just want to tell you all that you amaze me with the talent. unfortunately I don't have any tips other then to practice and practice some more.

Susie Sugar

My Top Tip is always clean and dry your stamps directly after use , I have seen so many people pile them up and leave the ink residue on them and some inks can eat in to the rubber and spoil the stamp over time
Right thats enough preaching from little old me !!! ha ha ha
Hugs Susie xx


Such a beautiful card!
My tip is to paste the image with thick glue dots, so it would stand out better.


Sarah N.

My tip is to use a Copic multiliner pen to go over any places where the Memento ink didn't completely stamp. They come in different tip widths. I like the 0.1 pen for touching up since it has a tiny tip. These pens are designed to be used with the Copic markers so you don't have to worry about this ink bleeding or damaging your Copics.


Awesome cards!!!
My quick tip I like to share is always have a Colorless Blender (0) near your side when coloring with copics markers. You never know you need to erase some ink that comes out of the line of your image... like me, I always color outside of my image I do have clumsy hands! :D
Thank you for another great challenge!!!


I'm back with a project. the tip is not just to use Tilda for traditional cards. Big stamps like this one or any others, when cut out, may be used to decorate almost any kind of objects. hugs from Italy. Miria

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