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February 25, 2010


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I don't like the black I think it doesn't stick as well as the grey. I prefer grey or just Unmounted is fine with me.

Rowena Barnard aka craftypagan

Unmounted is fine! I think most people are happy with bare rubber and mounting themselves, especially if the price goes does a little!

Donna C

I don't think the black sticks well at all and when I buy stamps with the black, I tear it off and replace it with the gray!! Either gray or none at all is my vote!


I like the grey option. I would rather have stamps that are "ready to use" than ones I still have to mount. I do not use pain rubber stamps and would prefer to have the foam already mounted.

Colleen Wold

I prefer the grey option. I don't like having to do that extra work to mount my stamps on foam, if I don't have to.


I'd go with gray foam, I like my stamps 'ready to use' too and prefer not having to mount my own.


I like the gray foam or foamless, if you offer it to buy as the sheets!

Alicia E

I like my unmounted stamps to come with the foam on them already. I don't want to have to purchase another product to make it work. Here is a vote for the gray foam.

Tori Wild

I hate mounting my own... it seems like it takes me ten times as long to use the stamps, so I would say go gray!! I don't really notice a big difference with gray vs. black, the deeply etched rubber makes the stamps great either way, but definitely much prefer mounted to unmounted.

Pöydän kulmalla näpertelijä

Gray please!

Jodi (mommyto4)

Please don't go "foamless" I really hate having to mount my own stamps and as a result honestly tend not to buy any bare rubber stamps. I have found that lately that the black foam doesn't stick quite as well (some of the stamps even fall off the CD tins I have them stored in) so the gray is fine with me!

Jennifer Moore

I prefer mounted, but as for which kind of mounting, gray or black, I do not have a preference.


I prefer mounted so much more then UM :) so grey is okay by me ;) colour ain't so important as long as it works ;)
hugs Ria


I used mostly unmounted stamps so foamless is fine by me :)

Mendi M

I say unmounted. I buy other stamps that way and just use the Tack it Over adhesive on the back. Works like a charm. You can also store more stamps that way in a CD case.

mary dawn q

i don't really have a preference, mounted vs. unmounted

i do tend to prefer the black foam to the grey because it is easier to store in the CD cases i use

thanks for taking the time to ask out opinion :)

Debi U

Gray is fine, would rather have it mounted.


I like the gray foam way better than the black, it wouldn't matter to me if they were mounted or not...I'd still buy those cute ccd stamps!

Jennifer Bradley

I prefer the grey to the black - I seem to get a better stamp image with it - please don't go foamless!!!!! :) I hate adding EZ mount foam to an order - feels like such a waste of $$$$$ even though I have to have it to stamp ;)


I like the grey option. I don't mind mounting them myself, but it is a task!

Stephanie J

I'm with the gray foam, if the cost stays the same. Better yet would be no foam at all, if the costs go down. (I'm cheap. The less I spend on a stamp, the more I can buy! LOL!)

Amanda M.

Unmounted rubber


I vote for gray!


Hey, as long as we get our stamps, all is good! We can always mount them on our own if it is a big deal! No foam is fine!


Oh please don't go um-mounted, I vote gray. It's what I use anyways and get stamps bought with it and it works amazing. I find when I buy unmounted stamps in bulk, I still have a few un-inked, cause of the extra work, lazy, lol!

Hugs Kel


I hate to foam my stamps, so I love both grey or black ;)

Kimberly S

My opinion would be to move to the gray if it is easier to get, but not to stop mounting them on cling. (you've already spoiled

Susan Paulson

UNmounted is great with me! When I get stamps that are only the rubber, I just put them on my acrylic blocks that I have put Tack N Peel on and use them that way. I get as clear, crisp impression as anything that is mounted with foam, so it doesn't bother me at all.

Karyn Schultz

my vote is for grey! and please dont go unmounted!


Definitely the grey! I hate unmounted!I'm way too lazy!


I like unmounted~

Becky C

Unmounted is great - cuts down on weight for shipping to us in NZ too :)


Please don't go unmounted. Grey is fine. I don't want to have to buy the foam to mount them. I don't buy stamps unless they are mounted.


I like using bare rubber and foam equally. I have no preference between black or grey, thick or thin, foam.

Thanks for asking! Sorry that you're having issues getting the black foam when you need it.


I prefer mounted stamps so I'd vote for going grey.

Rebecca Ednie

Go grey!!


I would rather just to gray, mounting them myself is a pain! Thanks for caring about your customer base enough to ask our opinion!



I prefer the gray, and I prefer to buy "ready to use".

Patti J.

Gray is great with me!

Debbie Herfkens

grey is good, like not having to mount them, so I would buy if mounted, wouldn't go for the unmounted so much..

Rachel Hope

I prefer unmounted....with a bit of a margin around the image so I can mount it on ez thin myself and have room to cut it out with out a sticky margin... :)

Melissa F.

I would prefer it to come witht he grey foam already on them instead of having to remember to buy the ezmount sheets when I order.

Amy Hayes

I like to have my stamps mounted, since I am lazy, so the grey would be great. If you decide to go foamless it will not deter me from still buying your stamps though!

Becky Milt.

I would prefer the grey (it works better anyways!). You could always offer them unmounted though I would ONLY buy them mounted as it's so much easier!!


Unmounted is my preference, especially if it made the stamps a wee bit cheaper. I use Tack-n-Peel with my unmounted stamps and it works like a charm.


That is a tricky question.
First-I like foam mounted stamps when I can get them if they are cut. This is usually better than I can do it.
Second-I don't think the foam color matters much. I think that both work equally well and prefer the thin gray mount.
Third-The option of just rubber is nice because it costs less - but usually I get "rubber only" when I have no other choice. Stamps from the EU and GB often come that way. Having just said that; I do like the option of putting them on thin foam when otherwise they might be on the thicker foam.
Bottom line -- my preference is the thin gray foam since stocking the black seems a problem.
Thanks for asking.

Pam Sparks

I vote gray!

Sharon S.

Though I love EZ Mount, I'm okay with un-mounted too! I will continue to purchase your stamps 'cause they're so darn cute!

WickedPixie (Traci)

I actually prefer the gray - I like the thickness of it better. Any time I buy unmounted stamps I mount them myself on the gray. I do prefer to buy them already mounted to save the time, so please don't go unmounted (although that doesn't keep me from buying stamps I love.) :-)Traci

Sue M

I vote for either gray or unmounted. I don't care for the black either. Why don't you offer the option of buying the stamp as either mounted on gray foam or unmounted and charge accordingly?

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