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January 02, 2009


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Ellen Smith

I LOVE Chocolate Flowers!! LOL!!!


I love Flowers!!! They are so welcome come February 14th, especially after all the bling is put away from Christmas. It's nice to have some beautiful fragrance and color in the house....
Love this new set....Can't wait till the 5th!!! I collect little pigs...tee hee. Bear has become one of my am happy to see his new friends! Thanks...


Oh man, I would take chocolate over flowers any day! Can't you just taste the rich and creamy chocolate melting in your mouth and then the taste lingering for a while...mmmmmmmmmm


I love flowers :)P.s. I absolutely love this new set :)!


These are so adorable!
I think I like flowers a bit more, but it's close!

Lisa R

Not even a competition....chocolate all the way!

Gail S.

I think of the would win....but crafting supplies is number one on my list!!! Thank you for a chance to win. I love all of the eye candy you have shown us.

Tiffany's Epiphanies

My husband used to buy me flowers on holidays, we have 3 kitties who like to eat flowers, so I would have to lock my flowers in the bathroom or leave them at work. So I would have to pick chocolate- Godiva!

Thanks for the chance to win!


With out a doubt I would pick chocolate hands down. Wonderful samples and great looking stamps.


I love chocolate!! Your stamps are too----cute. Thanks for the chance to win!


What darling stamps. I'd rather have chocolate any day. Thanks for the chance to win.


I don't have anyone that would give me either but I'd prefer chocolate if I did. Preferrably some chocolate with caramel in it.


These stamps are fabulous! I have a daughter that just love pigs! I would much rather have chocolate, especially dark and rich! Thanks for the opportunity and the ideas!

jules p

i love this stamp set. The little darlings are so cute.
I guess I would rather have chocolate. Roses are TOO expensive at/around Valentine's

Suzanne Dean

My "behind" likes the flowers, but my mouth loves the chocolate, LOL! These cuties are fabulous---love em all, but the boxer shorts Bear wins!!



Definitely Chocolate for me!! :) I love the bunny in this set. It's just too cute. :) Thanks for the chance to win this adorable set.

Ann lind

Lovvve CHOCOLATE but flower aren't fattening! The new characters are so cute. The little pig is my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy. Ann lind

Michele F

I love both!!! Roses are my favorite along with dark chocolate. My waistline would prefer I stick with the flowers though! Thank you for the chance to win.


How cute is this?! Love it. :) lasts longer...that's what my gut seems to say anyway. :) LOL

Tracy Durcan

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate!!! :)

Shanna Fudge

I really do like both.....I like chocolate for everyday and Flowers on special occassions, but really wouldn't complain if I got both!!

Sue R

I would love chocolate any day too! Flowers are nice for a while but then they die. I absolutely love this stamp set - all of them are adorable.
Thanks for the chance to win.
Sue R



Jennifer Moore

Flowers are healthier. I love the hogs and kisses sentiment. Thanks for the chance to win.

Rebecca Ednie

I don't celebrate valentines day but I'd be happy if my hubby thought to buy either. There is a truffle shop about 30 minutes away and he has NEVER once gone there to buy them for me even though I emailed him a list of my fav flavours right before our anniversary. I did get a canon rebel though so I'll shut up now.


Hello :)
So many lovely cards.
I would love flowers for Valentines. Since spring isn´t far, they would give the feeling already.
For all other occasions I just love chocolate... ;)

Ria van Son

First I want to iwish everybody all the best wishes for 2009 :) that all our dreams may come true ;)
And those new images hmmmmm WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW they are so darn cute I love the little bunny the best i guess but bear and Piggy are not far behind :) the little pants on bear are cute!! Maybe next time give them all diapers ;)

hugs Ria

Tifany D.

So cute! I love them!


So cute! I love the Piggy on the stick!

And I'd prefer chocolate. :)


That is a hard one. It depends on my mood. I'll go with chocolate but some nice gerber daisies will always do the trick.


What a wonderfull set again!!!
I mostely like flowers, they last longer than



Without a doubt - chocolate!


I prefer chocolates! Flowers are very nice, but they die. I love these stamps, so very cute. Thank you for the chance of a giveaway!

Susanne Zaenkert

Definitively chocolate! I'm a chocoholic! Therefore I would prefer chocolate. Flowers are nice, but chocolate is the best :o)


I would love flowers if I had someone to give them to me. Love these new stamps. Just received my bear stamps recently and he is already well loved.....


Chocolate for me! Thanks for the chance to win. Love what the design team has done! Great work ladies!!!


These card samples are fantastic!

Well, since it's diet time I'll say flowers, but diamonds would also be nice!


Definitely chocolate. Mmmmmm!!! Love these cute stamps!

Sue W.

Without a doubt, chocolate. I told dh years ago, no flowers on Valentines Day. It's just an excuse for the flower industry to jack the prices up.


These stamps are soooo cute! = ) Flowers would be great, but I would love some chocolate. thanks for the chance to win! = ) Happy New Year!


Well I must admit that I am addicted to chocolate, so I will definitely go for the chocolate!

I love these cute new stamps! They are ther cutest!!


Kay McNamara

Love flowers, but chocolate wins all the time. chocaholic that's me.


The samples and set are absolutely adorable! For Valentine's I think I'd rather have flowers...but my hubby isn't the romantic type, so if I want flowers or chocolate, I'd have to buy them for myself:o) LOL!


The new set is too cute! Hands down, give me the chocolate.


MMmmmm, that's a difficult one. My mind says be wise, choose flowers, but my senses, I just love chocolate too much! It's a real struggle.
Thanks for this opportunity.

Hugs, Wilma


I really don't want chocolate or flowers. I am not a big fan of chocolate and flowers die to fast. I would rather something in the craft department.
This stamp set is sooooo cute!


Chocolate of course!!! I love these new stamps!!


I love flowers, in particular, Daisies. Shasta daisies to be exact, the white ones with the yellow centers. I have told my hubby that I could get a room full of roses, but my heart simply melts if he just gives me one small shasta daisy. ahemmmmmmm..... <----that was the sound of my heart

Great blog!!!!


Love the Hogs and Kisses, I may just have to order this and get with it on my Valentines! You guys did a great job.
I love Valentine's Day but I'd have to say Chocolate is my fav, yum yum!

Susie L

I have to have sugar free chocolate, but you know it's pretty good too..when I think I have all the sets I need, along comes another one. Shoot, guess I need it too......thanks for a chance to win.......

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