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January 03, 2009


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Yaneri  - Orange County, Ca

Oh my gosh! Seriously it is sooo hard to pick. They are all simply, simply so adorable. Wow, im so amazed about this giveaway.
But if I had to would be....ummmm?......Bow & Arrow.
But really they are all, so, so cute!

:o) Yaneri


Wow, this is hard. They are all so cute. I would have to go with the Mushroom. Thanks. Liz


ACK! I'm in love, these are all so adorable! It's so hard to pick just one, I guess the mushroom if I HAD to choose...good thing I can get them all! :) Thanks for the opportunity to win a set.


Oh my Goodness....Such Super Cute little Angels!!! Just Darling. I think my favorite is the little one with bow and arrows, love her short little pig tails. Tooooo Cute!!
Thanks for the chance to win them. I hope you have a buy it all button this month...To much darling designs this month. Love it all.

Ann lind

I love the Gingersnaps they are all so cute !! Happy to see more for Valentines Day I think my favorite of the new ones is the cutie on the cloud. Thanks to the design team for so many cute samples. TFS and for the chance to win some great stamps. Ann Lind


Mine has got to be the one with arrow. But seriously, they're all so darn cute!!!


i'm torn - the mushroom and cloud are so cute... if i must pick, i guess it would be the cloud! this makes me want to make Valentines! Thanks for the chance to win...


They are all lovely, but Cloud is super cute and my fave! Thanks for the chance to win. :)

Alison Reid

These Gingersnap angels are so pick just one as a can I do that...well I will say that I like the little one on the cloud. Thanks you SO much for having a giveaway...can't wait until they go on sale. Great inspiration from the DT. Thanks

Jennifer Moore

It's a toss-up between the mushroom and bow & arrow Gingersnap angels. Thanks for the chance to win.


It's really hard to choose because they are all so cute, and the DT has done such a great job with all of these cards, but I think my favourite is the mushroom.


Oh, they are all so cute!! My fav is Bow and Arrow!
Thanks for the chance at it!!!


I love the Bow and Arrow. So cute! Thanks for the chance to win. :)

Ria van Son

You really have a great taste for little figures :) these are perfect for valentine!! It is hard to pick a fav. But I think I like the mushroom one the best it is so cute!!!
Beautifull work DT!!

hugs Ria

Mary Dawn

i refuse to choose! i love all 3 of them--with their perfect hair and tiny wings--i'm pretty sure they need to live at my house, yep :)

julie f

I love them all but I think my most most favourite is mushroom... but all so cute

Karen Kocsis

I love the girl on the mushroom cute cute cute.


I just love the girl on the cloud, it's so cute!

Jean Peters

Oh these are so cute. My heart just melted when I saw them. I love them all but I think bow and Arrow has just won me over - she's Angelic but has that slight Devilish look too....There is lots of space on my craft corner (a corner of my kitchen) for all three of them.....thanks for the chance to win


Love the mushroom one - too darn cute!


They are all SOOO darn cute. If I must pick I vote for the little angel with the bow and arrow - I think she has an air of mischief.


Spring, Maike

I like bow and arrow, but they are all very nice.


These angels are just soooo cute! My favorite is the one sitting on a cloud.

Susanne H.

They are all so cute, but my absolute favourite ist bow and arrow!
Susanne H.


this Stamps are so cute.
My favorite is Cloud :-)



I really don't want to have to pick just one, but I think I like mushroom the best. They all just make me smile.

Cheryl Sims

I have a "thing" for angels and adore the the one on the cloud. So precious!
Cheryl Sims

Vicki Cormier

Oh my... these are ALL just the cutest!! My favorite is the Cloud. Vicki C.

Regan D'Agostino

thay are all super cute but I think I'd have to say the cloud is my fav...oooh, just adorable.


I love them all....but if i hadda choose it would be mushroom.. Not really sure why, but I think she is adorable.

Molly B.

I can't choose between the cloud and the bow ones. They are all super cute. -Molly B


They are all very cute, but the mushroom one really caught my eye. Soooo cute!


I think they are all so cute but the Cloud is my favorite
Lisa V

Amy, Ottawa, Canada

All such cute stamps & wonderful creations to show them ... hmmmm probably cloud is my fav. Kudos to the design team!


They are all really cute but I like the Cloud the best.


Wow! They are amazing! I've just discovered these stamps, and I must say, they are just adorable! The all look so cute! As I have a weakness for mushrooms, I think I have to pick Mushroom as my favouritte!



They are all very cute, but I think that I will go with the cloud. Thank you!

Dawn Brown

All 3 of them are adorable, but I think the bow and arrow girl is the cutest if I had to only pick one.


You know your asking a lot, it's like asking us to pick our favorite child!!!! lOL

but, if I must choose, I would say the little one sittin' on the mushroom is adorable, but then again I love them all the same!!!!

Heather Lee-Reppen

Mushroom is my fav but I think they are all adorable!

Amy D

I have to pick Mushroom. She is just too cute!!


All three are so cute but my favorit is the mushroom.


These are sooo cute! I think the mushroom has to be my fave!


Kelley J

I was going to say Cloud but then I saw Lesa's samples and the one with the mushroom?? FABULOUS! So I'm going with Mushroom!! Can't wait to get these!!

Jeanette C

Wow! These are so cute. I am so glad you've created more of these Gingersnpas! I love them. It is hard to pick a favorite but if I have to, I'll say the mushroom one! Thanks for the chance to win some! Hugs Jeanette


My fav is the cloud for sure!


They are all very, very cute but I'll have to say the mushroom one. Love all the samples made with these. Thanks for the chance to win.


It's tough to pick just one but I'm leaning towards the cute!


I am loving the cloud Gingersnap. She is just too cute! Thank you for the chance to win this adorable set.

Melissa F.

Very hard to pick a favorite as they are all just darling. I think I like the one on the cloud the best. Thanks for the chance to win.

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