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February 05, 2008


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I love it the way it is! Contests, give aways, Fabulous designers!! :)

Deb Neerman

Color/product/sketch/guest designer Challenges, product reviews, design team "shoot-outs," and designer 'tips & tricks' are just a few of the things that would be great to see.

Hope this is the kinda stuff you're lookin' for!


Congrats on your new blog! I recently started a blog for the store that I manage, and I think it will be a great way to showcase projects and to let customers know when there are new products available, etc. I hope you'll find your blog to be just as helpful!

Ann Alyea

I really love the question and answer posts that Amy does on Sunday. I have not been stamping that long and don't always understand the "lingo". I have no idea what a typekey or typepad account is for example. I have learned so much from different tutorials (especially Amy's.) I would enjoy tutorials or references to tutorials on the blog. Thanks so much. Ann


hi ladies! would LOVE to see card samples with your CC designs :)

amy in Houston

Product reviews sound like a fabulous idea. Also some "how to use it" tips for lesser known products. :)

Jenn Jones

Well I think if you include all that you are will be a great blog...I guess the only other thing would possibly be tutorials on some of the and video do make it easier to follow. :)


I would LOVE a product demo. Take something that we can purchase and demo it by showing us how we can use it! Sometimes I "want" a tool but haven't the foggiest idea how it would work for me.
thanks so much!
dana j


I love to see card samples and product reviews. Good luck :-)

Tracie Labonté

I love the idea of a blog where you can find ideas to case, new product demos or tutorials, how to do stuff ~ a general showcase for products offered at All That Scraps.

Mandy Cheshire

Yay for the new blog! I'd love to see tutorials or product showcases, particularly for new products.

Jennifer Hodge

I would like to see what the sales are....and see what the design team can do with your products as that would encourage me to buy more of the products!

Cheryl K

What a nice new blog. Product demos would be great, by the wonderful design team, even better! Thank you. Cheryl Kemling

Jennifer Carter

I'd like to see samples made using the products that you carry with detailed info about the products that were used. By the way, love the store and I think that you have great prices!


Lots of techniques and ideas especially with the newer products


I vote for card samples and product reviews! The blog is a great idea.

Kim Howard

I think product announcements and demonstrations are great! I think the blog so far is neatly organized and looks great!



I am a card gallery junkie and I love to get the recipes listing all of the manufacturers' products used.


Yeah - a new blog to stalk! I love samples and tutorials!

Katie Piotrowski

Cool...another awesome blog to stalk! LOL! I would definately like to see some tutorials, challenges, guest desinger challenges, contests, sketches!, and of course, and am looking forward to the product reviews as well. Katie

Cheryl Sims

How great to have a blog at my favorite store. I will be adding this to my google reader, thanks. I would love to win a punch.
Cheryl Sims


I always like card samples... of course notification of new products and sale items are always good. :D

Heather Byrne

I think you guys are amazing and everything you do will be a hit...but to see the out of the ordinary way to use products to make them more valuable would be a great thing. good luck with the new blog!


I think what you already have planned sounds great. I love the idea of product reviews. What about a weekly/monthly sketch challenge?


My choice would be tutorials and questions and answers. What a great idea girls, GOOD LUCK, Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne


Product reviews would be a great plus! How they work, if the product is worth buying or not. How many ways to use a product if it can be used in different ways. Thanks for offering up one of these fantastic punches.

Ginny H

Techniques and reviews of products. Some of thoses "must have" items would be good.


Sketches, sketches, sketches! Also, new product reviews and mini-tutorials on how to use them. Thanks for another blog to subscribe to :)

Linda Palmer

I also think what you have planned is great. I would love to see some card sketches, also more demo's of new products. I am sure whatever you come up with with will be great.


I am so excited about this new blog! Can't wait to see all your new products, cards, sketches, tutorials! Good Luck - Many Blessings! Kim


looks great ladies- keep those posts a comin' I love blogs!!!

Im all for sketches and challenges!!

Anne Montgomery

Card samples and different techniques would be great!


I want to see product reviews and comparisons. What adhesives are best for what projects, what cutters actually cut straight and have a long lasting blade, what types of ink are best for what materials...etc.


OH WOW gonna love this BLOG I am sure...I would love to see art work, tutorials, notices for new product in the store.....good luck.....

Amanda Pedro

samples of course, reader gallery, and special previews, tutorials, insights, product reviews. There are so many things to entertain and educate us on.
Thanks for offering and good luck!

Heather the MooseLover

I like tutorials and techniques the best. Good luck!


Sounds like you have some great plans. I always like to see galleries as well.

Robyn A

Great idea. I would love to see product samples and great ways to use them. Good luck with the blog, look forward to checking it out.


I would definitely like to see tips and tutorials and some sketches!
I think this will be a great blog!

Robyn A

Great idea. I would love to see product samples and great ways to use them. Good luck with the blog, look forward to checking it out.


I would love to see upcoming new products and tutorial :)

Ramona Padget

I would love to see tutorials on the products that U sell! Example: Copics, Nestabilities, etc... It's great to see you have started a blog... Another one into my fav's!! Ramona

Laura P

I love this Idea. Thanks.

Barb Nelson

I'd love to see some "paper pairings" put these products from different manufacturers and see what you get. It's hard for me to do that without going to a bricks and mortar store.

Linda Peterson

I really appreciate tutorials showing new techniques. Reviews of new products are also very helpful.

Jenn Billings

This is the first time that I have seen the "All That Scraps" store. I love finding new things! I think a "Featured Product" of the month would be good. There are so many tools out there that I don't have or have but am only using it for one thing!
Good Luck and Happy Crafting!

Barb Kirkwood

Congrats on your blog. I know with Amy involved you two will make it a success. I think we all love your blogs because they are so inspirational. We love seeing new ways of doing things and new products as we are a "throw away" society you know and always on the hunt for the newest and greatest. I think the tutorials on any subject is always very helpful as we are all learning and can only fill our brains up so much remembering everything you teach. Thanks so much for sharing.


Card samples with exact instructions for newbies, giveaways and product reviews.

Cindy Vernon

I would like to see tutorials as well as samples using tools/products.

Diane Cooper

Wow, congrats on your blog! I think tutorials would be great, showing off the stuff that you carrry. Card/scrapbooking samples are also always welcome.
Pick me! Pick me!
Diane Cooper
(P.S I will be away on vacation when you do the draw... hopefully if I get picked youwill wait for me to respond!)

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